Why We Called Ourselves “The Bread Axiom”

The name “The Bread Axiom” was chosen because we believe there to be fundamental, self-evident truths in this world that are being regularly ignored. Hence the word “Axiom”. When those are given the respect they deserve, we believe they easily lead you to “The Bread of Life”. We want this to be a refuge, a place to seek truth and find light, in a dark world.


Caleb is a formally uneducated man who cleaned public toilets for almost a decade, made a mess of his life, but now seeks to help others avoid similar mistakes that set him back years and years by sharing his rediscovery of the fundamentals of life.

He currently works as a Director of Data Strategy, which is just a fancy title for someone who pretends to know how things work in business and IT. He spends almost every other second of his free-time outside of his family and work by writing, reading, and watching videos about theology, knowledge, philosophy, and people who are so much better at video games than him that it makes him sad.

Come read all about his mistakes and blunders that bring him to the point he’s at today: trying to cobble back together an understanding of how the world we all live in works.