I would like you to imagine you’re staring at a massive canvas. It’s perfectly white, pure. Now place a single dot in the very center. That singular dot represents the truth. It doesn’t have to be a profound truth, a significant truth, or even any particular truth. But that dot fully encapsulates the full truth of the thought experiment.

Outside of that dot is a tremendous surface area of blank space which represents every conceivable variation or deviation from that singular dot that could possibly exist. We can envision a story or a proposition, or whatever, regarding the topic the “true” dot represents the truth of, and can therefore imagine all sorts of variations that do not occupy the singular point of space. This is how falsehood works. Falsehood has the benefit of being able to manifest itself and be represented in every single comprehensible way as long as it’s not the truth itself. The space falsehood can occupy is the inversion. A black canvas with a single white dot in the center.

This is one of the blessings of the world that we live in. In this fallen world, there are still mercies that are upheld and untouchable by the forces that want its destruction. And what’s more, there are basically Laws that seem to govern the forces that want to destroy the truth. In a beautiful spat of irony, they have every single option available to them except for one, but it is the only location worthy of occupation.

The truth always is a light. It always illuminates, it always uncovers, and always leads to new light and therefore new exposure of falsehood.

We are incredibly blessed to have the ability to discern false from true, lies from honesty, and to be able to approach and even enjoy the light. The only downside is: we’ve spent so much time in the darkness, that our eyes are not ready for the light. In many ways it’s like when your mom flipped the light on in the morning before school to force you awake. There was nothing pleasant about it. The only way to enjoy it was to push through the pain and the discomfort that it brings when you’ve spent so long staring into the back of your eyelids. The Truth is the same. But on the other side, just like with the light switch in the morning, are all the best parts of life and living.

But to get back to the heart of what this is about, although the above is encouraging, there is also a word of caution. The forces that want to obfuscate and hide, torment and confuse actually are required by definition to embrace contradiction and to necessitate inconsistency and falsehood. They, of course, can try to occupy some subset of the real truth, but they are incapable of occupying it fully. That means, definitionally, that they will have to embrace something that deviates from what’s real and true and therefore are required to weave a web of deceit and lies that can be uncovered if diligent. And once the web begins to unravel, it’s easier and easier to continue unraveling it.

The Enemy is required, by the grace of God, to show his hand. He is required to operate in lies. He is required to be wrong. He is required to be bare and exposed, silly and defeated, in all ways he is required to be the embodiment of a loser. He can not occupy the truth, and is forced to try to dwell in the most complicated, obfuscated web of nonsense conceivable so that his complete and total intellectual, spiritual, and emotional bankruptcy is not discovered. Like a shamed child, he must fill all the areas of existence with a demonstration of power or wrath because he knows that if we don’t kowtow to fear, the bluff will be revealed and he will be exposed.

Step out from the dark and into the Light. Let the Truth occupy your heart and mind.

7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves loin coverings. — Genesis 3:7 (New American Standard Bible: 1995 Update)

Abide in the Truth.

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