In early 2022, I was finishing up my first full read-through of the Bible. I had never done it before because: I didn’t want to when I was younger, was too lazy when I was a baby-Christian, and life had always “gotten in the way”, at least that’s what I told myself. In the end, I always broke my habits, failed to be diligent, and let other desires overtake my passion. I’m sure this is relatable to everyone at some level, but I just remember thinking in the past, “I barely have time to do ‘necessary’ things. How does anyone find time to complete this?”

But six months before that, I had started anyway. Waking up a little bit early and, admittedly, letting the event eat a little bit into my normal starting times for regular life, I started to make real headway. I was trucking through the Old Testament. And over the next few weeks and months, I noticed an interesting pattern: the more I was diligent and devoted myself, the more time I was finding available in my life. I was going to sleep later and waking up earlier, but was enjoying the same or more energy than I had from my previous habits. This realization was very slow, probably because I’m a man, but also because I wasn’t looking for it.

I’ll never forget when it dawned on me on that early morning in January 2022…

The God of the Universe created time itself. Do I really not believe that He can find a way to make time work for me if I’m diligent?

I realized that I had been pursuing things like certain amounts of sleep or time dedicated to an activity, certain times of waking up, etc. I was pursuing specifics, and not just specifics but entirely arbitrary ones. Do I really care what time I go to sleep or wake up? No, obviously not. Do I really care how much sleep I get? No, obviously not. I care how I feel after I sleep.

That morning I had been dwelling on our understanding of the formation of the Universe and the arguments that surround how, why, and what makes sense of it coming to be. And then it hit me like lightning. The God of the Universe conjured up every spec of matter, time itself (although time isn’t really a “thing”, in my opinion), and here I am sitting here wondering, “How am I going to have time to dedicate to Him?”

It was a total lack of understanding of Whom I’d been dealing with, and what He is capable of.

Over those several months He demonstrated very plainly to me that I had always been thinking of everything completely upside-down. I didn’t, and now don’t, care when I woke up or how many hours I slept. I care how much my little sacrifice has the potential to be multiplied by our personal God. It started with me devoting just a few minutes reading 1 or 2 small chapters every morning, and turned into a complete life-changing event. Not only did I gain the wisdom of having read it all, but I gained the intangible quality of realizing how God takes my little and gives back His utmost.

Who is the God that you worship? Is He not capable of enabling your sleep to be sufficient regardless of whether it’s 1 or 2 hours or 10? Is He not capable of helping you conquer your weariness in the morning and even again throughout the day?

Why do we always forget who God is? Even within the same day that He delivers us from things, we forget!

Whenever you hit a wall, stop and think:

What can God do with/through/in this?

And you will always find the answer is: everything.

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