I’d like to ask you to travel to the place within your mind where your imagination is free. The place where you can stand in a void or fill it with emotions, pictures, an entire world you create.

Did you get there? Good!

Now, I want you to imagine you’re looking down at your feet, and let’s just start with you standing in a void. Within that void, you’re going to end up traveling around yourself, looking around at what is holding you up. We want to travel around your body, taking in a 360 degree view, and really evaluate what ends up beneath your feet.

What we’re trying to see below is the nature, structure, size, and material of the foundation relate to your openness to an idea. (More angles are good, but I’m just giving ideas to guide the thought experiment)

No foundational material is off limits, and while this can work for any concept in general, we’ll be focusing on just one in a second. But for now, think of evaluating the foundation beneath your feet in regards to two components:

  • openness to the idea/concept
    • soft: open
    • hard: closed
  • how confident I am that my understanding of the idea/concept is correct
    • size
      • big: lots of knowledge/study
      • small: low knowledge/study
    • material
      • dirt: very malleable (or low confidence)
      • rock: very firm (or high confidence)

Now that we know the framework we want to stay within, you look down and ask yourself:

What kind of foundation is beneath my feet regarding Jesus?

Are you firmly indifferent: maybe a small amount of gravel or a small slab on concrete? Are you absolutely closed and confident with tons of knowledge: maybe a towering mountain? Are you very open but unknowledgeable: maybe soft fertilized dirt but only a small patch?

Try to be honest with yourself and truly evaluate: what is my truthful disposition to this Man?

I think many believe they stand an an impenetrable mountain of fortified stone 10,000 feet thick, but it’s only because they’re unwilling to walk around and see they’re really just standing on two or three small stones with rich, deep, fertile soil directly underneath.

What’s under your feet?

And more importantly than anything: what do you want under your feet?

People seem to believe that they aren’t allowed to want certain things when it comes to their intellectual journeys. At the end of the day, we should subject ourselves to truth, but there is nothing wrong with admitting to yourself that not all outcomes would be as pleasing to you. It is often by doing so that we can understand some of the deepest truths buried within ourselves and the world around us. Opening our minds and our hearts to the fundamental driving forces that move not only ourselves but those around us as well.

If you find your desires are at odds with the size and quality of the foundation you know is truly under your feet, then start digging through it…maybe even ask others to grab a shovel and help.

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